Top 4 Frontend Development Trends of 2021

By HH Team | 28 Oct 2021 | Views: 73

The Frontend of a website deals with its design, colour, text, images etc. It is important that developers stay updated with the latest frameworks, technologies and languages to remain relevant in the competitive frontend. The demand for frontend development is constantly changing and it requires tremendous efforts to stay on top of these changes.  While the tech industry is continuously evolving, it is interesting to see where this evolution takes us. In this blog, we will unfold some major frontend development trends of 2021.  

  1. The Robust JavaScript

JavaScript rules the frontend and is also named the most popular and studied language. In 2021, other languages are getting stronger and rapidly gaining momentum. One of them is Blazor. It is a framework that enables us to develop browser-based apps by taking help from C#. The competitor is already in the market and some people are calling it to be a JavaScript killer. Now only time will tell whether the expectations are to be realized.   

  1. Potential in ReactJS

As per a survey, ReactJS is one of the favourite JavaScript frameworks that is loved by almost all developers globally. It is preferred by all because it is simple, fast with minimal coding requirements. With ReactJS you can develop great web applications along with amazing user engagement. When it comes to interface-related issues, even big enterprises like Facebook look up to ReactJS for a solution. 

There is another framework called Svelte that is now emerging and gaining attention from frontend developers. Even this framework allows you to develop web applications conveniently in a short time. 

  1. Jamstack

There is huge potential in Jamstack-based solutions and hence its adoption for frontend development is inevitable in 2021. It looks very promising for web development and its architectural concept involves JavaScript, Markups and APIs in the web development approach. It also provides instant response to security, scalability, requests etc. The best part with Jamstack is developers can smoothly work on the frontend without having to worry about the backend. 

  1.  The fantastic Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a popular and in-demand static site generator. It is considered as the fastest-growing framework with the potential to create progressive web apps (PWA) and get them indexed by crawlers. It is based on React and is search engine friendly which is essential for online business. 

Even Gatsby has a competitor and that is Next.js. It also offers a solution for the PWAs issues with SEO.

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