4 Essential Steps for finding a job in uncertain times

By HH Team | 28 Oct 2021 | Views: 388

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us in unimaginable ways and we are just hoping it will end soon. People have already begun to think about the future course of action. There will be an unanticipated job search in the coming months as job losses due to the pandemic have been massive. Times are challenging and there will be disruptions as enterprises begin to reset for a post-pandemic business environment. 

Here are 4 essential steps for finding a job in present times.

  1. Plan with a targeted goal for your job search

An unanticipated job search will lead to anxiety and panic in many people. Do not take a scatter-shot approach while looking for a job. Instead, understand that job transitions are natural and it is time to plan and set a direction. Introspect your career to date. What you have accomplished so far and where do you intend to reach? What are your career goals and is your career aligned with those goals?

When you have answers to these questions and clarity of thoughts on what to do next then you will be able to set the direction for your job search. The entire exercise is important because the direction will set a foundation that you will use throughout your job search.

  1. Determine your financial situation

It is beneficial if you know your financial reality as it can help you to take important decisions in matters of finding jobs even in uncertain times like these. Your financial situation will determine things like being choosy for job opportunities, negotiating with employers for pay packages and whether you can take up high-risk opportunities or not. Doing so will help to relieve anxiety and eventually improve the outcome of your job search. 

  1.  Have Strong Network

Networking plays a key role in an effective job search. Statistics say that around 80% of job positions are filled through network connections (both personal and professional). So don’t wait for opportunities, rather reach out to your network of friends, both personal and professional, and let them know that you need help. People will empathize with you and understand your case. As everyone is looking for a job at some point of time and may experience an unanticipated job search like you are at this moment. Hence, get in touch with all your connections without any hitch as you don’t know you might get helpful advice.    

  1. List your achievements

Whether it is your connections or your prospective employer they must be aware of your accomplishments. It can be in the form of your qualifications or any difficult situation that you’ve faced in your past role. The hiring manager would like to understand how you handled the situation, what actions you took and the impact thereafter. This way you can demonstrate your capabilities and the potential employer can evaluate whether your previous experience is a match to their needs. The same goes for your networking contacts as they can figure out the best way to help you.

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